Aaron | Sanders PLLC is an intellectual property law firm focusing on trademarks, copyrights, technology, licensing, and litigation. Before joining together to launch Aaron | Sanders in 2011, Rick Sanders and Tara Aaron had each developed robust practices in these areas over many years. Paul McAdoo also had served quite a roster of clients and developed great experience in media, intellectual property, and freedom of the press before joining Aaron | Sanders in September 2015. The firm grew out of the idea that small and mid-sized businesses deserve sophisticated legal work that they could afford: “big firm” work for a “small firm” price. That’s our value proposition.

We are proud to be an integral part of the technology and creative communities in Middle Tennessee while continuing to serve our clients across the country and around the world. We deliver consistently high-quality legal representation, and we support our clients and the community in which we live and work far beyond the office and our regular working hours. Rick and Tara are fans of the incredible transformation taking place in Nashville and are excited to see it continue. As a recent transplant to Nashville, Paul and his family are a part of that transformation and he is looking forward to a long career here. We love what we do—that’s why we do it well.



Rick and Tara are experienced lawyers who have set out to serve clients in a new way. Rick's roots reach back to his Silicon Valley home, where he first developed his litigation-oriented practice before moving to Nashville in 2004. Tara got her start in the music publishing business in Nashville in 1998 and has used that experience to form the basis of her transactional law practice since graduating from law school in 2004.

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