We at Aaron | Sanders will be making some big changes to our online presence shortly (and I didn’t want to say that in print until we actually meant it – we’ve been working on the changes for months but it’s really getting close now….)  To go along with the rest of the “newness,” we are launching a line of blogs we’re calling “Practical Guidance,” mostly to keep anyone from confusing it with actual legal advice, which of course we’re not giving on the site.  This is designed to be useful to our clients and even those of you who don’t hire us, to help you through some of the more common scenarios having to do with corporate matters and intellectual property, and to help you in deciding whether you to need to retain a lawyer or not.

Our inaugural entry is dedicated to software developers and designers, who have lots of questions around getting copyright protection for their programs.  The bulk of the information we’re providing you is in the attached PDF, which is yours for the taking and sharing.

What we’re talking about this time is registering code for functional computer programs.  As if the information included here isn’t enough, we’ll talk about the separate files of text, graphics, videos, music that are included on a web site, and other “online works,” next time.

Happy reading, contact us if you’ve got more questions, and don’t say we never gave you anything.



Aaron | Sanders PLLC – Copyright Registration of Software

Photo by One Way Stock