Tara Aaron reviews a new Trademark Transactions Book for Oxford University Press

Tara’s review of  the new book The Law and Practice of Trademark Transactions: A Global and Local Outlook (Calboli, Irene and DeWerra, Jacques, eds.) has been published in Oxford University Press’s Journey of Intellectual Property Law & Practice. Tara has reviewed the book positively and would suggest keeping a copy in the library for anyone who drafts and negotiates trademark licenses or sales particularly in cross-border transactions. You can read the review here and order the book here

Rick and Tara are experienced lawyers who have set out to serve clients in a new way. Rick's roots reach back to his Silicon Valley home, where he first developed his litigation-oriented practice before moving to Nashville in 2004. Tara got her start in the music publishing business in Nashville in 1998 and has used that experience to form the basis of her transactional law practice since graduating from law school in 2004.

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