Who We Are

Tara Aaron

Since the earliest days of Napster, Tara has been enthralled with what technology can do, both good and bad, to the creative world. Much of her practice has grown up around all the problems and opportunities the Internet creates. Read More»

Rick Sanders

The legal problems and challenges presented by software, hardware, e-commerce, social media and the Internet have long engaged Aaron | Sanders founder Rick Sanders’ interest. Rick’s first two cases of his career in Silicon Valley in 2001 involved the business and technology of making music available over the Internet. Rick was hooked on intellectual property (“IP”) and especially the Internet. Read More»

Paul McAdoo

Paul’s legal career has been focused primarily on helping content-creators with their legal issues from obtaining information to defending suits based on content and everything in between. Paul has worked with some of the country’s most respected news organizations, citizen journalists, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Whether you have copyright, trademark, free speech, or tort law issues, Paul can provide creative and practical advice to help you with your legal needs. Read More»

Rick and Tara are experienced lawyers who have set out to serve clients in a new way. Rick's roots reach back to his Silicon Valley home, where he first developed his litigation-oriented practice before moving to Nashville in 2004. Tara got her start in the music publishing business in Nashville in 1998 and has used that experience to form the basis of her transactional law practice since graduating from law school in 2004.

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