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Aaron | Sanders PLLC is an intellectual property and technology law firm focusing on trademarks, copyrights, privacy, internet, and solving business disputes.

Why Choose Aaron | Sanders?

Aaron | Sanders PLLC is an intellectual property law firm focusing on trademarks, copyrights and privacy, helping clients comply with the law, license their intellectual property assets, and resolve their business disputes through settlement, litigation, or alternative dispute resolution. Launched in 2011, the firm is built on the experience its lawyers gained in their former “big firm” lives; Aaron | Sanders is the result of its founders’ idea that businesses of all sizes deserve sophisticated legal representation that they can afford: “big firm” work for a “small firm” price. That’s our value proposition. We represent technology companies and start-ups in their licensing matters and business disputes, newspapers and magazines in open records and defamation cases, and companies in every imaginable field of business and all over the world in protecting their trademark and copyright assets and helping them develop a plan for compliance with the explosion of new privacy laws and regulations. We are a sophisticated law firm with a global outlook, while loving and supporting our local community in Nashville. That’s what sets us apart.

Client Testimonials

“Aaron Sanders Law has provided our non-profit organization with IP advice since 2014. In particular, they helped us navigate agreements with 2 trillion dollar multi-national corporations. They do wonderful work, are able to communicate and clarify complex material, and are at all times professional!”

Bob O.

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