As Global Entrepreneurship Week kicks off, we at Aaron | Sanders Law thought we could share our thoughts about what entrepreneurship means to us. Yes, you, the entrepreneurs, are our clients – let’s just put that out there for the sake of full disclosure. But we refer to “YOU” the entrepreneurs, and not “US” the entrepreneurs. Because while we both took the dive out of perfectly comfortable Big Firm Jobs to move into 200 square feet in Green Hills to see whether the innovative and creative start-ups in Nashville would be interested and what we had to say, what we do at our core (practice law) isn’t really new, as hard as that is for us to admit. We are not the first law firm in town. You guys, though, you internet marketers, rental marketplaces, employment specialists, empowering photographers, social commerce platforms, online music experience companies, and Web 2.0 music management firms, what you do is NEW. It is first, untested, cutting edge, advanced, sophisticated, sometimes hard for the masses to understand, and for that reason, SCARY. You wake up every morning having no idea whether anyone is going to “get” what you do, let alone invest in it or purchase your goods or your time. You have employees and families who depend on this IDEA, this VISION to deliver them a steady paycheck or food and clothes.

So let’s go and celebrate you this week. Whether it’s at Shredfest tomorrow night, or over a good latte or a couple of beers (or all three), the community around you should tell you how much we appreciate what you do. Because often what you do keeps us the rest of us afloat and drives us forward at the same time.

We are always here to support you, but for now we’re just saying, “Well Done!” Of course, we know that what you’re saying is “What’s Next?”

Tara Aaron

Tara helps clients across multiple industries and countries with licenses and disputes involving trademarks, copyrights, domain names, software, trade secrets, and privacy compliance. She earned her Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) in U.S. Privacy Law in 2018 and in European Data Protection Law in 2019. Her clients include many technology start-ups, software developers, and website designers as well as long-standing institutional clients who come to her for representation in copyright, trademark, licensing and privacy. She also assists with the purchase and sale of intellectual property assets. She has on multiple occasions successfully obtained hijacked domain names for the rightful owners, and regularly negotiates service and technology agreements with the largest telecommunications and software providers in the country.