No, really, he sounds pretty good: Planet Money Episode 449: The Hidden Digital Wealth in Your Pocket. (If you have no patience at all and can’t wait to hear Rick’s mellifluous voice, his on-air quote starts around the 4:40 mark. But you really should listen the whole thing.)

You can read Rick’s blog posts on ReDigi’s attempt to create a market for “used” digital downloads that got Planet Money’s attention, or just cut to the chase with his latest on the district court’s ruling that ReDigi violates copyright in doing so (if you can stand all the mixed cake metaphors).

Rick Sanders

Rick is the litigation half of Aaron & Sanders, PLLC; and, from 2012 to 2014, an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University Law School, where he was teaching Copyright Law. Vandy also happens to be where he got his law degree in 2000. After graduation, he practiced at a major intellectual-property law firm in Silicon Valley for a few years. He returned to Nashville in 2004, where he worked for a large Nashville firm, practicing as much intellectual-property law as he could, but also a lot of commercial law. He left that firm in 2011 to start Aaron & Sanders with Tara Aaron, so he could practice intellectual-property law full time and work with start-ups and other non-institutional clients.