Best Lawyer LetterTara reported a couple of weeks ago that I had been selected as a “Best Lawyer” in the field of Intellectual Property Litigation.  Upon hearing of this outlandish claim, some of you may reasonably  have demanded proof.  Heck, I demanded proof.  Well, here it is.  (I hope the letter suffices.  The plaque costs extra…)

Rick Sanders

Rick is an intellectual-property litigator. He handles lawsuits, arbitrations, emergency injunctions and temporary restraining orders, opposition and cancellation proceedings, uniform dispute resolution proceedings (UDRPs), pre-litigation counseling, litigation avoidance, and other disputes, relating to copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, domain names, technology and intellectual-property licenses, and various privacy rights. He has taught Copyright Law at Vanderbilt University Law School. He co-founded Aaron | Sanders with Tara Aaron-Stelluto in 2011.