Software/Technology Licensing

You’ve stayed up for 48 hours straight sometimes over the last few months or years to finish the perfect code on the new program.  All that Red Bull goes down a little easier when suddenly there is interest from the outside world in what you’ve created.  Do you want to sell the program outright, or just let other people use it?  Is the software delivered on CD or accessed through the cloud? What does the maintenance plan look like? These are the kinds of questions we can help you think about, and we’ll put together a solid, clear agreement that protects you in the best way possible and maximizes the deal for you, whether you are licensing in or out, or selling or buying.

General Information:

Good written agreements create comfortable relationships between customers and vendors, and help you prioritize your company’s needs and establish consistent business practices.  Agreements on the front-end can save you thousands of dollars later in attorney’s fees, court costs, lost work time, heartbreak and headaches.  That is true even for our clients who aren’t hardcore coders, so we draft and negotiate licenses for hardware and other technology, as well as service agreements for web designers, marketers, and consultants.  Our attorneys have over a decade of experience drafting and negotiating contracts for clients across industries – major auto part manufacturers, small equine and livestock companies, individual investors, and retail establishments.  We have gotten out our red pens, rewritten provisions, and had debates with opposing counsel over telecommunication agreements, patent licenses, source code escrow agreements, and software support-and-maintenance schedules.  (Seriously, it’s one of Tara’s favorite things to do.  She’s not kidding).