“When I was looking for counsel, I first and foremost wanted a firm whose concentration was in the technology sector. There is no substitute for experience when dealing with contract, and intellectual property concerns specific to software development. Explaining the principal roles, systems, and processes involved in the project we were working on would have taken too much time with an attorney unfamiliar with the industry. When I initially approached Rick Sanders, I was aware of Aaron & Sanders PLLC sponsoring Nashville technology community events. After an initial phone call laying out the details of our case, it was immediately apparent that he understood our business and would be able to guide us through the complexity of the legal system.

Rick does an excellent job communicating the processes involved in a court case and laying out the strategies and options available to his client. I always felt well informed of our current status and aware of what our next steps and decisions were. The motions that he wrote for us were clear and concise. He was also able to distill the communications from other parties into their most essential components. The paperwork received during the process was often vexing and of a very high volume. Knowing what was most important allowed us to continue to serve our clients without diverting more energy than needed to the case.

If I had to begin the process over again and look for another attorney, I would want to make sure they had sufficient prior experience in similar cases and worked with clients like our company. That’s why I chose Aaron & Sanders PLLC; they understood our business and have a depth of experience upon which to draw. That was all quickly confirmed in our initial conversations.

I look forward to working with Rick and Tara in the future.”