Two great years ago today, Rick Sanders and Tara Aaron set foot in the office of Aaron | Sanders PLLC for the first time.  We’re growing up fast – since then we’ve moved into our big new offices at The Trolley Barns, added the help of our incomparable assistant, Lynne Jervis, published articles, signed book contracts, and of course, done our best to put our brilliantly creative and innovative clients on solid legal ground as they start and grow their own businesses.  And wouldn’t you know it, the Nashville Entrepreneur Center has been nice enough to throw a party for us today (and for their own Grand Opening) right next door to us.

We can’t wait to play with our new neighbors – you guys bring the sand, we’ll bring the shovel!

Tara Aaron

Tara helps clients across multiple industries and countries with licenses and disputes involving trademarks, copyrights, domain names, software, trade secrets, and privacy compliance. She earned her Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) in U.S. Privacy Law in 2018 and in European Data Protection Law in 2019. Her clients include many technology start-ups, software developers, and website designers as well as long-standing institutional clients who come to her for representation in copyright, trademark, licensing and privacy. She also assists with the purchase and sale of intellectual property assets. She has on multiple occasions successfully obtained hijacked domain names for the rightful owners, and regularly negotiates service and technology agreements with the largest telecommunications and software providers in the country.